i m very sorry if i hurt you. ’cause all along, i still like B. even thou, he left me 2 yrs ago. but no matter how hard i try, i still cant forget him. the day he died, is also the day my heart died. :/ so.. stop trying to make me like you cause we all know, its impossible alrdy. 😀 and now, i am very happy. and i wish you could be happy as well and accept her and stop pestering me. tyvm. my laptop low batt. byee. 

i have been a good girl 😀 back to action in facial; just sign up a packageeeeeee. effing ex, cost me $1000 for 20 sessions. but i m always tiring myself, so i guess its worth it afterall? (self-denial so my heart aint so pain :D)
had my first seesha sessssion ytdd! i cant smoke.. i really cant.. every puff i  inhale, i cough ._. that just make me look so nooobb. ytd seesha session was a treat from KK. 😀 yaynesssss. julia say cannot let shiwei know she go for shisha but ended up, i post those pics on fb and shiwei saw. teeheeeheeeeee. then WOW! shiwei say no more seesha for the both of us. so sweet of her 😀
busy workingggggggggg 😀


thanks for the macspicy with cheese the next day when i just casually posted it on fb. 😀 really x100 delighted to have my macspicy. espically when i m craving for it. ure still the best afterall but i didnt want to cherish at all. thus, hope that you and her will be happily together x100 times, alright? 😀 dont dwell on the past anymoreeeeeee as wellll. hope u really understand what i m saying that night. *crossing my fingers


nothing much to blog. good byeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

hello everyoneeeee! 😀

i m with purple hair yet again. so i hope, and i wish, this time round, they really do last. thanks to beloved qiqi for helping me to do my hair and that hair treatment thing(which i havent used yet and cost $42!) so effing ex! >.<” but still, tyvm. & i love you 😀  

nothing much to blog recently 😀 alot of things gona changed. learning korean hip hop dance with li aiai, beeee juan & dearest suwanno. hope we will havee fun. (Y) been applying for new job as well. university damage is really huge and degree is mmust. hope i m really graduating next yr april and hopefully, have money to further my studies. and is it time for me to take up car license? cost is kinda huge as well. sigh. money money money, pls drop from the pretty sky! ❤

lastly, a few more days left to end ipp. heart aching. i gona miss them all. 😀 but alright lar. must look forwardddddddddd! 向前看!


rebel/zirca last saturday. crap. didnt get drunk at all ._. had flamming lambo, 2 teq shots and 1 jug coke vodka. 😀 the taste of teq.. really can make me vomit. i might if there isnt any lemon lor. >.<” music was such a crap. totally cui. seriously, totally didnt enjoyed. and.. thanks love for the teq shots treat. i love you! ;D shouldnt change venue.. should stick to st james.. (as i might get to see andy yek)
crap stuffs happended as well? jacq and me lost out hp ard 1am ._. went around to find it. jacq manage to find hers but i aint so lucky. was kinda… sad actually. but decided not to dampen their mood so we carry on dancingg. xh was so sweet to accompany me to find. oh and jacq mistaken xh was some tiko friend of my as i actually went to hug him when i m kinda high -.-” and he hug back. and jacq pulled me back. and xh kp asking me to explain but i say its okay. lol! a guy dance with love half of the night. ._. didnt have good impression of him anyway. he did something bad to me and jacq. like seriously wtf. stand beside wei qiang in rebel. hes cuteeeeee. but he didnt dance so booo. and he say i m not as handsome as him with the cap. but say cause i pretty ma. HAHA! and guess what! 3am, someone called love and say he found my phone but they are at mac. super surprised/shock or whatever. went over to take my phone. and guess what! was that guy who danced with love ._. and his group of friends. my first reaction was so WTF! went in and take back my phone from wilfred(one of his friends) and yay, i m a happy girl ;D exchanged texts with wilfred after that. and got lecture from love. she say, i need to differentiate good and bad guys. but from what i think, wilfred seems nice cause he even bother returning me my handphoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. then home sweet home at 4am and sleeeeep. didnt manage to slp much. wake up at 10am the next day. hmmm. i shld try graveyard the next time 😀 and to add on, my whole red went mad red after a jug of coke vodka. LOL! jacq’s friend all thot i m drunk when i went out to meeet them. play 5, 10 just outside rebel with their vodka ._.
and.. i got hugged by a girl. and shes drunk. saw her drink waterfall and the next minute, shes drunk. ._. cant even stand properlyyyyyyy. but oh, she look so cuteeeee. *shy…..

pics all with xh and joy. 😀 and yes, know a new girl named joy. she went club with bandages ard her leg. uber cuteeeeeee. LOL! hope she enjoy as welllllllll.


finger just 1cm after from my handphone. i feel like texting you. but i dono what to start with. and worst, i dont know who to text. :/ (even thou currently i m exchanging texts with 3 ppl..) but you still feel empty, dont you? my mind change as fast as the weather nowadays. the last thing you can do is to assume what i m thinking. ‘i wana keep it cool, but i am losing you; >.<“